NinePhoto Your Pics
Andor Czafik
8 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

šŸ†“ - Completely FREE clockface, no trial, no payed features, just FREE

šŸ“· - You can Upload Photos (9 images) from your phone

šŸ–¼ļø - Auto Image Switching

šŸ”‹ - Configurable icons in the upper left corner: Actual HR, Today's steps, Weather download error icon, Battery w/o percentage

šŸ“… - Many other image providers you can choose, and even Divide them into times of Day

āš™ļø - Settings page for Fine Tuning

ā˜ļø - Weather providers: Yahoo (default) and OpenWeatherMap

ā„¹ļø - When you tap on the screen, info (status) rows will appear at the bottom

šŸ“œ - When you double tap on the screen, the description for image is shown with other extra info rows at the bottom

šŸ‘† - What kind of extra info is displayed depends on which part of the screen you tapped (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT)

If you need a photo album with many pictures, try my other clockface:

šŸ”Ø This program is completely free. Please, if you can, support my work.


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