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EatSlow is a simple app designed to help you be more mindful when you eat. To pause and enjoy your food more. Maybe if you're eating with someone, even enjoy their company more!

Research [reference:] indicates that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach and brain to feel full. I built this app for myself to help me not only be mindful of the 20 minutes, but more importantly slow down the pace of my bites while not having to look at the screen.

How to use EatSlow:

1. At the beginning of the meal, start the app on your watch. Look for that spoon and fork icon!

2. The timer begins immediately. Simply wait for your watch to vibrate every minute to take a bite.

3. After 20 minutes, your watch will reward you with multiple vibrations.


- [BETA] This is currently in beta. I'm still working on menu, settings, and instructions.

- 60 seconds between each bite, are you crazy? I know it feels long, but you'll get used to it. If not, custom intervals is coming soon.

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