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⭐️ Best free ALL in one professional clock for Sense & Versa 3, with choice of both Analog and Digital views, Day Move reminders [> 14 hours allowed], also supports reminders for Night Shift workers, Nurses & Medical staff.

Free Addons, Timer, Calendar, Calculator (See:

See full description:


Choose Classic or Roman numerals,

Choose optional night mode and,

mini embedded digital display of Time or Date


Large 12/24hr display with seconds and most values +

Reminders to move at 40', 50' & 55 minutes [even during Night work is possible]

Reminders to Drink + count of drinks

Special Features:

🌚 Dark theme mode [for better battery efficiency]

Minimal navigation

Super Battery saving & monitor battery health +

estimated time to 100% charged, with finish alert

Low Battery alert reminder, [from < 17%]

Battery charge statistics

Steps This Hour & all Day History,

Auto switch to show Active Hours

Watch usage info

Scrollable logs for Watch info, Battery charges and Drinks

Choose any Reminder hours range [including more than 14 hours], Choice of colours

Mostly Autonomous, for efficiency

About screen shows your Fitbit watch type, Time Zone setting & Time last synced.


Always On clock during charging

Hydration reminder to drink water + count

🔔 hourly Chime & Pulse

Night shift or day, Move hours & reminders

"Always On" toggle [use sparingly] to extend screen timeout temporarily

Quick Operations guide:

- Tap digital Hour for the Analog view, analog hub for the Digital view

- Tap Heart rate to switch Digital view:

1) Main view shows:

🔋 Battery%

👣 Steps This Hour / Active Hours,

👟 Active Minutes,

🕒 Time,

📅 Day & date.

💗 Heart Rate & pulse,

🪜 Floors,

👣 Steps

2) Next view shows:

Active Hours today / max possible,

📏 Distance,

🔥 Calories

3) Settings 🚦 view:

Select multiple options

click ✅ on ❌Off,

Access Watch usage info & history

New November MMXX I V5.5.36

(Swiss Made, in the land of clocks)


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