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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

ā­ļø Best free ALL in one professional clock (6th, Gold edition) for Sense & Versa 3

Full description:

Features include:

- Large 12/24hr display with seconds

- Both Analog [Roman numerals or numbers] and Digital views

- Customisable settings on watch face, Minimal & easy Navigation

- Multiple Reminders to Move, at 40', 50' & 55 minutes [> 14 hours allowed]

- For day-time / night-time, ideal for Night Shift workers, Nurses & Medical staff too.

- Reminders to Drink + count of drinks and daily log, for good Hydration

- Charge reminder alert for Low Battery, for each 1% decline, [from < 17%]

- Active Zone Minutes and Active Minutes

- Permanent display of hourly Steps, with option of, done so far or left to do

- Steps History for each hour of the day

- Auto switch to show Active Hours progress

- Colour coded heart rate and pulse [to know it's working]

- Choice of colours for main items

- Adjustable Brightness Intensity

- configurable Always On Clock

- Always On mode for short durations

- More pronounced vibration possible

- šŸ”¦ Torch- Flashlight

- šŸŒš Dark theme mode [for better battery efficiency]

- šŸ”” hourly Chime & heart Pulse

- Mostly Autonomous, for efficiency

- Super Battery saving features to monitor battery health +

- Autonomy of Battery life

- Estimated time Battery 100% charged, to know how long it will take, with finish Alert

- Log of recent Battery charge sessions and charging progress details

- Charge level & time Always On during charging

- Log of recent watch activity and info to monitor daily battery usage

- About screen shows your Fitbit watch type, Time Zone setting & Time last synced.

- Free Addons, Timer, Calendar, Calculator (See:

Tap digital Hour for the Analog view, analog hub for the Digital view

Analog view:

Choose Classic or Roman numerals

Choose optional night mode

Mini embedded digital display of Time or Date

Reminder messages displayed

Tap Heart rate to switch Digital views, & to reach Settings:

1) Main view shows:

šŸ”‹ Battery%

šŸ‘£ Steps This Hour / Active Hours

šŸ‘Ÿ Active Zone Minutes

šŸ•’ Time

šŸ“… Day & date

šŸ’— Heart Rate & pulse

šŸŖœ Floors

šŸ‘£ Steps

2) Next view shows:

Active Hours today / max possible

šŸ‘Ÿ Active Minutes

šŸ“ Distance,

šŸ”„ Calories

3) Settings šŸš¦ view:

Select multiple options

click āœ… on āŒ Off,

Access Watch usage info & history

New March MMXX III SimpleClockPro V5.7.15

(Swiss Made, in the land of clocks)


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