Color Tubes 2
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the Fitbit mobile app
This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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• 08 colors.

• 10 tubes.

• 100 levels.

• No internet needed.

• Return button, and display of the number of available returns.

• Level reset button.

• Vibration effect when a tube is full and when a level is completed.

• Autosave of the level reached (until you delete the application).

• The required permissions (Cluster Storage and Internet) are only used for the payment process.


• Move the colors between the tubes to put the same color in each tube until it's full.

• You cannot put a color above a different color, only the same color is allowed.

• To win you need to obtain 08 full tubes with 08 different colors (02 tubes will remain empty).

• The return button allows you to go back one step, the maximum number of returns is 10.

• The reset button as its name says, will reset the level to the start position.

• You can delete the levels played from the settings in the mobile application.

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"Color Tubes 2" costs $ 1.45 (Lifetime purchase) after the one-hour trial period has ended.

Payment by K-Pay (PayPal or Debit/Credit cards) go to and add the code you see on your watch. If already purchased, go here

Enjoy! For any questions or suggestions, please contact us!

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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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