Run Goal
Ken Caron
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the Fitbit mobile app

Health & Fitness #MadeForFitbit 2017 App Finalist!

# Overview #

The app that aims to be your at-a-glance running companion. Set a weekly running goal with the up and down buttons and this app will let you know how you are doing on running and treadmill activities tracked with the Exercise app. This app will also tell you the time, average heart rate, and average cadence (steps per minute) of your most recently synced run.

# Usage #

To get started, first go to settings and connect your Fitbit profile so basic activity data can be displayed. Run Goal tracks activities that you log with your Fitbit Ionic using the Exercise App and currently supports Running and Treadmill exercises.

# Features #

- Supports running and treadmill exercises

- Calculates your cadence for your most recent run

- A bar chart of your running activity this week

- Weekly distance goals

- Uses your Fitbit profile to know your settings such as miles or kilometers, 12/24 hour time, and the start day of your week

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