Cowboy town
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This clockface was created by Sam C.S.K with


Clock face featuring a cowboy town with simple building like Sheriff, jail, bank, saloon and lodge. Background with raising sun on day time while raising moon on night time. Take note on the building's lights, it turn on during night time.

Start with a big barrel wheel turning clockwise in second speed company by antique pocket watch hands with simple day/date on "Wanted" signboard. Take note on the wine barrel, there is 6 holes in it with leaking of wines, watch battery level at the higher level when wines leaking on the most top of the holes and slowly when wines leaks till the lowest of barrel's hole, your watch battery almost flat and when no wines leak, that mean your watch below 14% and need to recharge.

A single touch on your watch screen will bring you to second level where classic hands, big barrel, wines and dates disappear.

Health activities - active minutes on top of "Bank", step on top of "Saloon", floor on top of "Lodge", calory on bottom of "Jail" and distance on bottom of "Sheriff". You need to achieve your daily target in order to gain a price, active minute=Bag of money, step=cowboy boot, floor=cowboy hat, calory=horse's shoe and distance=sheriff badge (price will appear on building's door).

A horse wagen with digital hour and minute move forward and backward by itself and lastly, heart rate on signboard attached to "Jail" building.

The special of this design were - you can select either totally all classical watch (classic hands, date and wine) or modern watch (health activities and digital time) and you don't worry of watch being too bright when you wake up at night to see your watch.

Free image from - old western town

Hope you enjoy this design.


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This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.


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