Buddha Lotus
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This is a free app, however, if you like it, PayPal me:


This is the original version that suits us, and would not be updated.

For versions with customer requested updates, please search:

Branded Classic Digital Large - with 12/24 hr setting

Branded Classic Digital FONT - with 12/24 hr setting & Heart and Player Unicode Symbols replaced with H: & S:

Branded Classic Digital Hike - as above + Miles for Hiking (To be released later)

A very simple clock face with

all the info we need for walking:

- date

- time

- heartbeat

- steps.

Nothing else.

All this in maximum size -

for easy readability -

while walking in sunglasses.

Color on black to save battery

and for even better readability.

offered byBuddha Lotus


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