Camera Remote Watch
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Remote control the phone camera shutter from your Smartwatch and take a picture without touching your phone.

Open the phone app "Camera Remote Watch" (available in iPhone App Store and Google Play Store) and adjust the camera view.

On your watch: open the Fitbit app "Camera Remote Watch" and tap the Camera button to trigger the camera shutter on your phone.

The photo will be stored in your phone photo gallery and you can access it with the iOS "Photos" app or the Android "Gallery" app.

A copy of the photo will be shown on your watch, so that you can check if it looks good or if you should take another picture.

Be patient when downloading the new photo. If the watch display goes black during the download of the photo, just tap the watch screen to switch the display on again.

The "Sync" step, shown in the video, is very important. Don't skip it and make sure that the watch app Camera Remote Watch is closed during the Sync.

Please watch the video:

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