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the Fitbit mobile app

A checklist app to create and manage any type of list, including todo lists, shopping lists, one-time lists, and recurrent lists.



- It allows you to manage multiple lists at the same time.

- Supports adding multiple items at once by using commas e.g `Break,Eggs,Butter`

- Add up to 50 entries per list

- Keep your entries decluttered by moving completed items to the bottom

- Support pasting lists from popular apps like Google Keep, Apple Notes, etc.

- Reset a list (uncheck all checked items)

- A host of color schemes


Report and track issues

To report and track issues, visit


Donations are welcome

- - $1.99

- - $1

- - other amount



Q: How do I add list and list items?

- Go to the settings page for `My List` app inside the Fitbit app on your mobile device

Q: How do I add multiple items at once?

- Click on Add New Items

- Type all your items separated by commas

Q: How can I reset a list?

- Click on the reset icon on the right side of the nav bar of the list

Q: I have a list from a document with each item separated by a new line can I paste it into the app? For example:




- Because Fitbit doesn't support multiline input, you have to convert it to a comma-separated list by pasting it on this tool[](

- Then you can use the comma-separated list

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