Speedometer II
BV Designs
8 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Based on a user request by Joe LaMuraglia, we proudly present this beautiful clockface, the result of a joint collaboration of great design, animation and development!

All my clocks: http://bit.ly/2QUjXu9

Website: https://www.bvdesigns.info

Shop: http://bit.ly/330pp1d


Graphics/Design: Marcel Sasik

Animation: Paul Niven

Development: BV Designs

Graphics inspired by images provided by requester


- Two themes - dark and light.

- Hands animate when screen turns on.

- Fuel gauge and light reflects battery level.

- Colour - foreground and text (dark theme), clock hands (light).

- Language support for dates.

- Date format, show/hide second hand, battery, BT indicator, vibration, 12/24 hr (Fitbit profile)

- AOD enabled (Versa 2 only) (may affect battery)


Tap bottom screen to cycle through Heart Rate, Distance, Floors (except Versa Lite) and Active Minutes.


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