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This is an implementation of "Conway's Game of Life", which is a cellular automaton simulation.

Considered to be a "zero player game", it uses simple rules to guide the evolution of living cells and results in unpredictable and complex patterns over time. You can watch these complex interactions play out right on your wrist!

In this version you can even draw your own cell patterns and see what they do. Will you discover a new form of Life with the patterns you draw?

Each dot is a living cell. If the cell has 2 or 3 neighbors, it will stay alive. It it has more or less, it will die due to overpopulation or underpopulation. If a dead cell has exactly 3 neighbors, it will come to life.

The rules are applied to the 10x10 grid of cells to advance 1 generation. Each successive generation applies these rules until no more generations can be calculated. This could be thousands of generations or only a couple. It all depends on the starting pattern!

In this version of Life, there are 3 modes that can be switched between by long-pressing on the screen:

- Auto: a random starting collection of cells is created and generations happens once per second. Tap to pause.

- Draw: tap a cell to toggle it between dead and alive. Draw whatever pattern you want, or recreate a classic pattern to watch it evolve.

- Step: run the simulation at your pace. Tap the screen to advance 1 generation.

Here is a deep dive on known cell patterns that yield interesting results (unaffiliated website):

Embrace the chaos of Life, and all its beautiful patterns!

Thank you for playing! If you like my work, please consider buying something from my shop ( to show your support!

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