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the Fitbit mobile app

It is a calendar that supports holiday displays in each country.

The countries that are supported are as follows.

Japan, Germany, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, China, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Thai Kingdom, Switzerland, India, Canada

Holidays are displayed in red.

You can add any holiday from the smartphone's Fitbit app.

Press the icon at the bottom right of the screen to switch the country.

Press the left and right icons at the top of the screen to switch the moon.

By pressing the year at the top of the screen, the screen switches and you can select the month of the destination.

Press the center of the screen to return to this month.

Press the bottom of the screen to switch between Sundays and Monday.

This dial is free, but if you get a donation, you can continue to develop.

Please donate by cryptocurrency XRP.


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