On Time
Gondwana Software
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

‘On Time’ is a simple watchface that keeps the screen on.

The display is austere to minimise the impact on battery life. There are only two screen elements (date and time), and the display is updated only once per minute. Even so, keeping the screen on will drain your watch’s battery at about 5% per hour. To avoid totally draining the battery, ‘On Time’ will automatically turn the screen off when the battery level gets below 20%.

The colour of the time varies throughout the day. Every minute, the displayed text is repositioned on the screen to reduce the possibility of burn-in.

Although it works like a watchface or clockface, On Time is categorised as an app. This allows you to switch to another watchface without having to install it every time.

If you wish to enable the watch’s normal display timeout behaviour, long-touch the screen or press one of the buttons (if any) on the right side of the watch. A second long-touch or press will restore the always-on behaviour.

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