FlexTime Clock
Alexis Navarro
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This clockface allows you to set your usual day-start and day-end times in the settings, in order to have a visual representation of how far along you are in your own day. The screenshots hopefully will make it clearer.

Top-center: Current time

Top-left text: Day/Night-start time

Top-right text: Day/Night-end time

Bottom-center text: Time left until your day-time or night-time ends.

When you enter the night-time, the ring becomes purple. During the day-time, it becomes red. I'll make the colors customizable in the future.

In the settings, you can hide any of the elements that you don't like, except for the rings.

Tip: If you like the interface but want to use it as a 'regular' clock, just set the day-start time for 12h00 and day-end time for 00h00. AM will be purple, PM will be red. This will be the initial configuration.

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