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the Fitbit mobile app

It is a timer application that informs the progress by vibration.

60 minutes, 30 minutes ago, 5 minutes ago, 3 minutes ago, 1 minute ago, 30 seconds ago, 10 seconds ago, 3 to 0 seconds ago.

Press the arrow on the main screen to switch the timer menu.

Timer01-03 of the timer menu is used as a normal timer.Other than that, use it when exercising.

Press the middle of the main screen to move to the timer time change screen.

The changed timer time will be saved in the wristwatch even after the application is over, so you can reuse the previous set time at the next use.

Return buttons, which are physical buttons, vary depending on the display content of the screen.

・ The screen will light up when you click a single while the screen is off.

・ If you click a single while turning the screen, the countdown will start, pause, and resume.

This dial is free, but if you get a donation, you can continue to develop.

Please donate by cryptocurrency XRP.


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