Day Maker
John G Holland
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A minimal clock face to help you get out of bed! Day Maker will continue to buzz until you've taken a configurable amount of steps.

Day Maker also displays steps, calories, and elevation gain (floors) on the top 3 bars, and active minutes, and battery level on the bottom 2. You can configure Day Maker to display the heart rate, as well as disabling the alarm completely in the settings. Tapping on Day Maker will show you the individual stats with their bars highlighted. You can disable the battery stats screen via the settings.

Update 1.2.1:

An optional sunrise image pulled from to greet you warmly even when it's raining :) The amount of time you need to walk to reach your step goal is displayed on the steps screen! The battery screen now displays the estimated battery life left.

The vibration seems to fool the fitbit's algorithms into thinking you're getting active minutes... if those are a valuable stat for you, get out of bed and walk!

offered byJohn G Holland


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