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Olivia Silverestone
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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Animated fantastic clockface with beautiful 256 COLOR VARIATIONS.

Please choose the color of PICTURE, TEXT, ICONS. WHATCH

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Welcome to enjoy my other wonderful clock faces: https://bit.ly/2tzEfzp

In order to change settings please follow the steps below: 1. Open mobile app 2. Select your device 3. Make sure that your device is fully synchronized 4. In the device menu click on Clock Faces 5. Under My Clock (where you should see the installed clock face) you should see a gear icon. 6. Click the gear icon and change the settings as desired.

This Clock Face shows:

- Realtime Heart rate monitor

- Realtime Calories monitor

- Realtime Steps Counter

- Time (24h and 12h mode) ( https://www.fitbit.com/settings/profile )

Thanks for your choice!

With care for your style,

Olivia Silverestone

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