Spring Miracle FREE
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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Celebrate Spring with our new clockface, Spring Miracle FREE, with 3 amazing backgrounds!

Want more background, automated background changer, 24 fonts, multiple date formats, RGB color selector for time, date and stats and much more?

Get the paid version: https://gallery.fitbit.com/details/38046d31-61ba-4836-b21a-79c263c7cc3a

šŸŒø 3 amazing backgrounds!

šŸŒø 12/24H digital clock

šŸŒø statsbar with battery, steps and main goal

šŸŒø tap stats to change shown stats

šŸŒø tap twice the middle of the screen to change background image

šŸŒø date and settings in multiple languages

Over 1 billion possible combinations available in the paid version! Use the clockface settings page and customize it as you wish!

Buy a bundle and save $$$: https://starwatchfaces.com/buy/

Check out the Spring bundle for best price: https://starwatchfaces.com/spring

All our clockfaces: https://starwatchfaces.com

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