Bob's Analog Clockface
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Analog/digital clockface with customizable stats & steps per hour.


Prepare for AOD

Tap digital clock to show/hide


Changed font size for readability


- Full time displays:

- The upper left displays the battery %. Color changes gradually from green->yellow->orange->red.

- The upper right displays the daily steps.

- The lower left displays the current heart rate.

- The lower right cycles several different stats when tapped:

- Steps per hour for the current hour. Resets at the top of every hour.

- Steps for the previous hour.

- Floors/flights of stairs climbed.

- Distance traveled in km or mi.

- Active mins.

- Tapping the inner clock face:

- Changes roman numerals to integers

- Ten taps will reset the steps/hr

- Hourly vibrate, tap 12/XII 3 times to enable/disable & set start/end time

- Tap battery % to see (dis)charge % per hour

Clockface is free, but donations are appreciated!

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