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the Fitbit mobile app

Perform simple repetitive calculations on your wrist such as converting temperature or other units

This app computes the value of up to four simple formulae you supply, based on input from the watch.

For example, if the settings are

Input Label: Kilograms,

Output Label: Pounds,

Formula: x*2.2,

and you enter a number of pounds as "2" and tap the "->" button, you will see the equivalent in pounds: 4.4.

Some less-trivial examples:

Centigrade to Fahrenheit:

Input Label: °C,

Output Label: °F,

Formula: x*1.8+32,

Fahrenheit to Centigrade:

Input Label: °F,

Output Label: °C,


Formulas can only contain spaces, the letter "x", numbers, parenthesis and the operators +,-,*,/, and ^.

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