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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

News for iPhones users: check new 2FA Hub app in Apple's app store. It'll make account creation on your Fitbit device much easier: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/2fa-hub/id1538363570

This is 2FA authenticator for Google Auth. It generates time based one time password (TOTP) that can be used as a second factor for variety of web applications such as Wordpress, Twitter, Google, Amazon, AWS, etc.

There are two methods of creating a 2FA account on your device:

1. Using Android's 2FA Hub companion app:


2. Entering accounts manually through Android's Fitbit App Settings

Usage details can be found here:


The Fitbit application is completely free, Android's 2FA Hub companion required for the method one above costs only $2, but allows scanning bar codes and transferring them from your telephone.

The second method is little bit more involved, but doesn't require purchasing the Android app.

Use method one if you like the app and want to support the author. You can also donate Bitcoins to support this project: 1CRMQd91Lhm2EP8vSXcyyP2FsTfXXpAjF4

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