BMT Scoring
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This app can count the scores and tell you the serve side in badminton game.

The interface supports singles or doubles game. In doubles game, player A represents the right service court, and player B is the left side at beginning. First, select the first serve team. The app will highlight the server. If the opposing team get one point, press the Up button to add one point on it. if your team get one point, press Down button instead.

In singles game, you can ignore the player label A and B. just to focus on the highlight rectangle box location. Which is the server should stand on the service court to serve.

If you press the wrong key to add the point of the team, press Up or Down key twice quickly. The game will backward one point. if you want to exit the game, press Back key twice to quit the app.

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