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Hello Trainer,

thank you for using my clockface.

Feel free to send me suggestions or feedback and support me with a donation:


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Info settings:

- Background for Day and Night

- Turning Auto-Night-Mode on and off

- Night start time

- Night end time

- Show and hide the seconds

- Show and hide the day

- Show and hide the shiny star *

- Date format

- Language and Color of the Pokémon data

- Language and Color of time and date

- Language: English, Japanese, German

Info display:

- Level of the opposing Pokémon: battery level

- KP bar of the opposing Pokémon: calories burned (100% KP = 0 calories, 0% KP = 3000 calories)

- Level of your own Pokémon: Pulse

- KP bar of your own Pokémon: battery level (100% KP = 100% battery)

- Exp of your own Pokémon: steps

- Exp bar of your own Pokémon: steps (100% = 10,000 steps)

Updates will follow :)

Update 1:

- Add Gen 2 Pokémon

- Add shiny Pokémon

- Add more settings

- Fix some Bug-type-Pokémon

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