Poketch Clockface
Jack Lloyd-Walters
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A Fitbit clock-face in the style of the Pokémon Pokétch.

All of my work is open source and completely free, although if you'd like to support me further, you can follow the link below


What features are available?

Unlike the original Pokétch, which came with 25 applications, my Pokétch watch face comes with just 7, which are, in order:

Digital clock - Shows the time

Pedometer - Shows your steps

Stats view - Shows your other stats

Counter - Manually count something with the press of a button

Analogue Watch - Shows the time again!

Move Calc - Compute how effective a move will be, given the opponents type (Uses Gen 6+ Type rules)

Calendar - Want to know the current date?

Timer - Count down from up to 99 minutes. (Accuracy may vary)

Tap the bottom half of the screen to cycle through the applications, or tap the top half to cycle backwards.

To enable/disable certain applications, use the dropdown available in the settings for the watch face. By default, only the digital watch face is visible.

Also unlike the original Pokétch, you can customise the colour and watch skin at will, with the following options:

Button - Diamond/Pearl single button, Brilliant Diamond/Shining Peal single button, or the Platinum double button

Face colour - Dark watch face, slightly lighter watch face, or the Light watch face

Edge colour - Diamond blue, Pearl pink, Barry's orange, Platnium blue, Platinum pink, BDSP Blue or BDSP Red

Screen colour - Default Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Indigo, Blue, and Grey

Wherever possible, I have tried to keep the watch feature and aesthetics as close to the original Pokétch from the games, with minimal changes.

For further description of watch features, see the wiki pages in the github repo here:



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