Peaceful Life Clock
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This "Peaceful Life Clock" is a dial that you would like to use as a companion for everyday life.

If your heart rate goes up or down too much, an alarm appears with vibration.

There are various functions. When you tap the center of the screen, an icon will be displayed where you can tap.

-System...Whather and System info display

-Alarm...Heartrate Alarm setting

-Heartrate...Heartrate display

-Item switching...12h/24h,second display switching

-List...Launch agenda app -Launch XRPJPY Checker if installed

-Close...Close sub screen. Icon display

-Calculator...Launch exercise app -Unit Price Calculator if installed

-Calendar...Launch alarm app -NOVY Calendar if installed

-Timer...Launch timer app -NOVY Timer if installed

-Auto-off...switch of auto-off function, Sub screen lock

-Hourly signal






This clockface is free of charge, but I would appreciate donations so that we can continue to develop it.

Please donate in the cryptocurrency XRP.


Nobi (@NOVY_NN)

offered byのび


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