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the Fitbit mobile app

A very simple fasting timer for up to 168 hours or 7 days of fasting.

- Just press the left side of screen and drag to the right to set a timer and let go to begin.

- Press the screen and slide left or right to change the hours for the timer

- Tap the screen to clear current hours, close the app to set the timer and remove tap to clear

- At anytime the timer is running it can be cleared by tapping the "X" button.

- If app is open, Fitbit will light up for last 12 seconds and vibrate on completion. A tap will stop vibration

- Great whether your doing the snake diet, fasting for autophagy benefits, or simply needing an hour timer.

**App was just updated to support newer watches and SDK version, there are bound to be some bugs**

Like my work, buy me some electrolytes.

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