2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

The QR code of your ULLO digital card on the screen of your watch. šŸ“„ Sharing your contacts with another person using Cardwize is very simple and convenient. šŸ‘ Much more convenient and modern than caring paper business cards. Just show the screen of your watch to be able to scan the QR code šŸ‘ Together with the QR code Cardwize displays the most necessary information on the screen in an easy-to-read form:

1ļøāƒ£ 2ļøāƒ£ current time (hours and minutes) in large numbers

šŸ• current time with seconds on the arrow dial

šŸ“… date

šŸ”„ calories burned

šŸ‘Ÿ steps count

ā¤ļø heart rate

āš” active time (AMZ)

šŸ“± To start using a Cardwize clockface with a link to your web card on your Fitbit device, simply enter your ullo digital card id in Cardwize clock settings. For example, if your ullo digital card URL, then in the Cardwize clock settings you will need to enter STEVE.

šŸ“ If you don't have a ULLO digital card yet, register with ULLO and create one today:


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