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Dogee ('Doge-eeee) is ultra-premium Fitbit watchface designed specifically for dogecoin and doge meme fanatics, but the best of all.... it is completely free!


πŸš€ Dogecoin price supported in virtually all currencies with a configurable refresh rate or on screen manual refresh (just tap on the bottom right corner)

πŸ•Ά A striking image of a majestic doge wearing sunglasses (or not -- your choice!!)

🎨 21 Different Color Choices for Time, Date, Price, and Background

πŸ‘‡ Metric Drawer: Tap to see your steps, heart rate, calories, distance, and battery

⬛️ Black and white support for battery conscious users

🌏 Languages: en-US, es-ES, de-DE, nl-NL, fr-FR, it-IT

We spent several months completely building this from the ground up as a way to give back to the dogecoin community, and we really hope this brings a little extra love to your day.

~ with Wow! MuCh L0ve!

Pixels on Ridge


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