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the Fitbit mobile app

Share heart rate BPM with exercise equipment, such as Peloton and Zwift.

This Fitbit OS app sends heart rate data to a companion Android app. The Android app creates a mock Bluetooth heart rate monitor that can be discovered from stationary bikes, treadmills, and fitness apps.

Download the Android app from the Releases page of the Github repo.


- Use the Android app on the phone paired with the Fitbit watch

- Run the Android app and Fitbit OS app at the same time

- Grant the Android app Location permissions (required for Bluetooth, location is not used)

- Fitness apps on the same phone cannot connect to the mock Bluetooth heart rate monitor

- No iPhone companion app is available (contributions welcome on Github)

- No implied warranty or guarantee of functionality

- Not an official product of Fitbit, Google, Peloton, or Zwift

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