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the Fitbit mobile app

Track your mindfulness minutes with this watch app. While the Mindful Timer is active your mindfulness session heart rate data is being saved to Fitbit mindfulness minutes.

Your heart rate data for each session will be visible in the mindfulness history area of the mobile app shortly after session completion. These Mindful Timer sessions count towards weekly mindfulness goals in the mobile app.

During an active session if you tap on the meditating person icon, the data below the person will toggle between your current BPM and time elapsed.

The 'buzz minder' setting is off by default. If you would like a reminder buzz to alert you how long you have been meditating there are various time interval options in the Mindful Timer settings on the mobile app. The watch app must be running while you make changes to buzz minder intervals. You should see the buzz minder time interval display (on the begin screen) update on the watch immediately after changing the setting on your phone.

You also have the option to adjust the intensity of the buzz to suit your taste. Buzz intensity can be found in the settings area on the mobile app.

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