MicroMacro 2
Hunter Watch Co.
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Big thanks to Pegasus Spiele!

Crimes happen in the city!

With the view for details you'll be searching for facts: Look for the scenes that provide you with the correct facts to solve the crime cases.

The giant city map (75 x 110 cm) is home to a myriad of hidden information. Different difficulty levels lead the players step by step into the game.

Players must work closely together to find out what happened.

The case cards contain questions for which the group must find the right answers. Every criminal case is unique and hides amazing information!

You can also play the game online here: www.micromacro-game.com/en

You can find it here: https://pegasusshop.de/?sPartner=FibitWatches

Our other faces: https://hunterwatchco.com


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