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This is a digital clock with a small calendar for 3 weeks.

This included indications of activity distance and calorie expenditure.

I also learned how to calculate the time of dawn, morning, afternoon, and dusk from latitude, longitude, and date, and changed the background according to the time.

GPS reception is attempted at 0/30 minutes per hour. You can also try GPS reception by doing one of the following:

・Tap the lower right corner of the clock screen> press the lower right button [GPS] (confirmed)

・Press the "Settings"> button [Get GPS "L/L" from your mobile-Browser] on your smartphone's Fitbit watch. (Confirmed)

In addition, the calendar API uses the function to acquire all-day scheduled dates / holidays and highlights the colors of those dates. (Under testing)

・Enable [Highlight "All-day" dates] in the "Settings" of your Fitbit clock on your smartphone.

Get the date at the day change time. You can also try to get all-day scheduled days / holidays by doing one of the following:

・Tap around Saturday on the clock screen calendar> Press the lower right button [Q.ALLDAY].

・Tap the "Settings"> button [Get "All-day" for current calendar] on your Fitbit watch on your smartphone.

* Latitude and longitude can be entered manually. 'L/L':)

* You can specify the date format of "Today" on the calendar. (Ver. - Supports all-day scheduled dates and holiday dates.)

* You can toggle "Display position of 'Today'" (Ver. - Above the calendar (Usual) ⇔ Below the calendar (small))

* You can switch the darkness of the calendar background.(Ver. - 25%,50%,75%)

* The calendar may be displayed for a short time during the initial period.

* Operation, layout, GPS processing, "All-day" & holiday emphasis and position of 'Today' were confirmed on Versa3.

* The background (dawn, morning, afternoon, dusk, night) is taken by me.

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