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the Fitbit mobile app

A FitBit Smartwatch app to track in a very simplistic way when your baby slept or ate the last time.

Swipe left/right to change the screens.

All data is stored on the watch. Current feed/sleep + the last 10 entries.

1. Main screen:

The display shows several data:

- the last time you logged a baby feed or sleep time

- the elapsed time since the last logged feed or sleep start/end

You can log a feed by the upper right combo button.

You can start / end a sleep log by the lower right combo button.

2. Sleep log:

- start and end time of the sleep

- the duration

3. Feed log

- time of the feed

- the time elapsed since the last feed before


I wrote this very quickly for exactly my needs. Feel free to build on my simple code that can be found at

There is no support for this app. I created it some years ago when I had the time for it - no longer. And I do not even own any fitbit devices any more.


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