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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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1000 quotes collected from all cultures in the world old and new.

• autosave of the read position after closing the app.

• You can restart the quotes from the beginning.

• You can change the color of the background, the quotes, the button and the text button.

• You can reset the default colors.

• Vibration effect, enabled by default.

• No internet needed.

• The required permissions (Cluster Storage and Internet) are only used for the payment process.


• You can change the settings by going to the (My Apps) section in the Fitbit app, and then select the settings from "1000 Quotes" app.

• You can disable the vibration, change the colors, reset them or restart the quotes easily from these settings.

" 1000 Quotes " costs $ 1.45 (lifetime purchase) after the one hour trial period has ended.

Payment by K-Pay (PayPal or debit / credit cards) go to https://kzl.io/code and add the code you see on your smartwatch. If already purchased, go here https://kzl.io/unlock

For any questions, please contact us.

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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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