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the Fitbit mobile app

The dial that you want to use as a peaceful everyday companion is this "Peaceful Life Clock".

If your heart rate rises too much or falls too much, the alarm will sound with vibration.

(Changes to the boundary value and on / off alarms can be set)

It is possible to switch between time and time, and switch between digital clocks and analog clocks.

Once an hour, the current time is displayed with the vibe.(You can set on / off)

If you set it with a smartphone, you can start any app.

There are various other functions.Tap the center of the screen to display the icon in the tapable position.

The functions shown by each icon are as follows.

・ Tap the weather (upper left of the screen) ... Weather, battery level, memory status, (on the next screen) version display

・ Tap alarm (upper center on the screen) ... Heart rate alarm setting

・ Tap the heart rate (upper right of the screen) ... Heart rate, heart rate zone display

・ Tap the time display switching (upper upper left of the screen) ... 12H / 24h switch

・ Tap the item switching (upper center of the screen) ... Switching seconds

・ Tap the settings (center right in the center of the screen) ... Switching temperature units

・ Tap the list (left screen left) ... Start the agenda app (start Crypto Checker if installed)

・ Tap the close (center of the screen) ... Close the sub screen.Help icon display / hidden

・ Tap the calculator (left on the screen)… Exercise app starts (start Unit Price Calculator if installed)

・ Tap the calendar (lower left of the screen) ... Start alarm app (start novy Calendar if installed)

・ Tap the timer (lower right of the screen) ... Start the timer app (start novy Timer if installed)

・ Tap the light (lower left of the screen) ... screen light lighting

・ Tap the time signal (bottom screen) ... Time signal function switching

・ Tap analog digital (lower right of the screen) ... Switch

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