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A watch face for Ionic and Versa that shows heart rate, steps, calories on versas, and the current period, and time remaining in that period at Kearsarge High School. It includes a 2 minute warning before the period ends.

If you don't go to Kearsarge High School (most people), you should probably use ForecastTime instead. It's the same face without any of the bell schedule stuff. Get it here:

Outside of the school day all school related features are turned off, and the current weather conditions are shown, plus a forecast on third screen.

The watchface was built with porting to other schedules in mind. A single file holds all the relevant schedule data in a very easy to understand format.

Source Code Available:

Main code by Chris Spooner, weather code by gregoiresage, fitness icons designed by Madison Neal, and weather icons by kickstandapps.

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