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A clockface for the fast-paced Systems Administrator. Displays all the vital timestamps needed for quick cross region log analysis, or the odd remote team incident management. Unpretentious theme with pointedly color-coded vitals. And of course, it shows time and date.

Because the best clockfaces are dashboards.


- Local time and date where you'd expect, with 12/24 hour display options.

- UTC time.

- Unix Epoch time.

- Current and resting heart rates. Font color changes based on cardio-zone.

- Steps today. Font color changes based on getting closer (or exceeding) your daily goal.

- Steps left to reach daily goal (or steps by which goal was exceeded).

- Time since device was last successfully synced to the Fitbit app. Font color changes based on duration.

- Battery and charger status. Font color changes based on battery power left and charging power source status.

- Supports Ionic, Versa & Versa Lite devices.

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