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Simple customisable clockface

If you like this clockface, I have a donations link to show your gratitude: https://www.paypal.me/BlythMeister

The clockface features:

* 12/24 hour clock support

* AM/PM optional display on 12 hour clock

* Optional show/hide of seconds

* Date with day name

* Heartrate with optional animation & zone display

* Steps

* Distance

* Calories

* Floors

* Active Minutes


* Progress bars for activity goals

* Battery bar along the top

* Optional battery percentage

All required translatable text can be found here: https://github.com/BlythMeister/Fitbit-Overview-Face/tree/master/translations

To add support for additional languages, or update existing, please email them to the support contact or create a GitHub issue.

Open sourced on GitHub: https://github.com/BlythMeister/FitBit-Overview-Face

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