Lily's Heart
Javier Tafur
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app


Lily's Heart displays your heart rate and allows you to set vibrations alarms for user-defined limits.

This app is free and was developed with the best intention for the user.

This app doesn’t claim to be accurate or to provide certified information.

This app will create a text file (hrlsvalues202012051200.txt) to save the user settings.

This app will read the filenames installed only with the purpose of verifying the file exist.

This app doesn’t have any kind of connection, therefore the only data accessible is through your Fitbit app console.

The only data saved is the one on hrlsvalues202012051200.txt which will remains in your watch only and is not transmitted and/or shared in any way.

Getting Started:

1) Install the app.

2) You can scroll right to access the settings.

3) Verify your limits (high, mid, low) and the alarm for each limits

4) Select between Heart or Sport View

5) You can set you Sport View clock to 24hr or 12hr.

6) You can select to continue running the sensors with the screen off.

7) Enjoy! Give me your feedback!

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