Nev Rawlins
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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A stylish digital clock face with time moving down the strings. Digits are partially masked by the strings. Time can be on 6 strings (HHMMSS) or 4 (HHMM).

The central row of digits (same color as strings), are the current time, the row below the previous time & the row above the next time.

The symbols top right are AM (above) and PM (below), shown if in 12-hour mode. The other symbols are for day of the week.

Double tap on the screen to display information for 10 seconds.

Always-on Display compatible – requires Versa 2 and FitbitOS 4.1 with AOD enabled.

Settings: show/hide seconds & string color choices.

Screenshots: animation from 08:34:56 to 08:35:05 (24-hour mode, plus shot with info displayed), 02:48 PM (12-hour mode), 14:50 (24-hour mode)

Design originally appeared on Pebble watches. It was created by José Manuel Otero, from Spain, and published with his permission. Follow him on:


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