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Smartwatches are powerful health tools, doing everything from monitoring your daily activity, to tracking your exercise, and providing deep insights about your sleep, heart health, and more. But these measurements and insights are all targeted solely at your physical health without regard for neurological fitness, an equally important aspect of your health. That’s where BrainBell comes in.

BrainBell is a smart brain trainer that fits on your wrist. Equipped with several fast and fun mini games, BrainBell trains and improves all aspects of your neurological health. Finally, like any good trainer, BrainBell is equipped with intelligent insight tools that analyze your performance, provide task-specific scores, and recommend areas for improvement. As with all Ztech Development products, BrainBell is free, contains no ads or in-app purchases, never transmits or sells any personal information, and is under active development to ensure you always get the latest and greatest of experiences.

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