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App for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). A simple app that vibrates on interval changes. There are 3 exercise screens: warm-up, hard, and easy. The screens show countdown in seconds, heart-rate, current interval number and type (warmup/hard/easy). When all intervals are complete, screen showing overall average heart-rate and peak heart-rate is shown.

From the main menu there are several config options, including:

- hard (mins/secs to work hard), defaults to 30 seconds

- easy (mins/secs to work easy) defaults to 1min 30 seconds

- warmup (mins/secs to warm up) defaults to 2 minutes

- intervals (number of intervals) defaults to 8

- vibrate on interval changes. A sample vibration will play when back button is pressed from tumbler menu

- display (default is leave display on. Note - this will use extra battery life!)

-settings are saved and used on subsequent runs

updated 03/2019: config changes reflect latest config changes.

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