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the Fitbit mobile app

Tired of not remembering which side you last fed your baby on? Don't want to try to feel your way to the answer? Can't? Me neither!

This app lets you keep track of which side is up next with minimal effort.

How I use this app, in 5 quick steps:

1. Baby is hungry

2. Open app (by clicking the top button on my Versa, to which I have bound the app)

3. Check the latest entry to see which side I fed baby on last time

4. Click the other button to add a new record

5. Feed baby on the appropriate side

I *strongly* recommend placing the app in one of the quick slots on your device so that you can quickly start it with a button click on your device (i.e. top/bottom left corners for top/bottom buttons on a Fitbit Versa).


Developed for 24h format, so I'm usure how it behaves with 12h format. Please reach out if you're having trouble getting it to work for you.

Also optimized for the Versa family.

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