This is fine.
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šŸ”„ This is fine.

šŸ”„ I'm okay with the events that are unfolding currently.

šŸ”„ That's okay, things are going to be okay.


ā„¹ļø Based on the animated gif of the 'This is fine' meme made by imgur user Philcrifo:

ā„¹ļø Original comic by KC Green:

ā„¹ļø *** The images make this clockface quite large, so please be patient when installing. ***


šŸ‘€ Always-on Display compatible (AOD capable device required).

šŸ‘‡ Toggle the date by double tapping the bottom of the screen.

šŸ‘† Toggle full stats by double tapping the top of the screen.


ā— Make sure to check out my other apps and clock faces:

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