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the Fitbit mobile app
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Dual time clock face with numerical/analogic hour and weather data

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new version 1.1


Degree Fahrenheit compatible

Visual help for sensitive areas

Disconnection management : Icon close to the temperature will indicates connection status.

In case of disconnection , the previous of weather will displayed

Previous Versions


French Italian spanish English and German localization

Weather data on main screen

All-stats screen available by double touch on left bottom corner

in this screen possibility to switch of stat for main screen sensor (touch on top for choice, bottom for validation)

progress arc around the icon sensor on main screen

Double touch on

• Top-left :Settings of dual time (choice of town and summer time shift)

• Top-right : switch between analog or digital clocks

• Bottom-left : all stats screen and focus stat selection

• Bottom-right : Full or short date or Weather data


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