Am I Drunk
Brian Ouellette
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This little app will estimate your Blood Alcohol Content based on the volume of your drink, the Alcohol By Volume it contains and your weight that you have set previously in the Fitbit app. It will also give an estimated time to being 100% sober based on the average of 15 grams of alcohol filtered per hour.

The app will auto fill in fl oz or ml based on your Fitbit apps volume amount setting in Advanced Settings.

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The results are computed using a formula based on alcohol pharmacokinetics research by E.M.P. Widmark. This formula tries to be as accurate as possible, but it does not take into account advanced factors that may influence the BAC such as age, amount of food ingested (if any) and others. The most accurate method to measure the %BAC is using a breathalyzer.

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