My Dog Titan
Fitbit Labs
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

(Titan is a large clockface–please configure your Ionic wifi settings to install)

Adopt a virtual pet and use your steps to keep them happy with this interactive clockface. Walk enough to feed it at least eight treats—otherwise, it will leave next day to find someone else who will! Steps required to earn treats are based on your daily step goal (1 treat = 10% step goal). Remember to keep your bedtime or else your pet will be fast asleep! Fitbit Pet may affect your watch's battery life—especially if you can't stop looking at how cute it is.

Fitbit Labs is the next generation of smart, insightful and fun innovations from Fitbit Research. Because Fitbit Labs is experimental in nature, our apps and clock faces may have minor issues or maybe available for a limited time. Learn more at

Fitbit Labs

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