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Super basic date + time + weather (and day's forecast) + steps + hr. No fuss. Open weather map api.

Weather is current conditions from the OpenWeatherMap weather api, for the current location (also printed underneath the temperature).

Today's forecast is in orange- will be either "Rain", "Snow", "Clouds", or "Clear", summarizing the day's forecast.

Just yr basic clock y'all!

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Weather module courtesy of:


v0.2.0 update (Versa 3 + Sense only)

- updated colors + layout!

- tapping clockface toggles step count / battery %

v0.1.2 update

- fix OWM API key settings load, https://github.com/noahp/fbapp-TimeDateWeather/issues/15

v0.1.1 update

- fix date/time field truncation

v0.1.0 update

- implement for 300x300 displays (Versa devices)

v0.0.4 update

- replace yahoo weather api with open weather map (the open yahoo weather api is no longer available)

- fix long date string cropping (eg "Wednesday, September 22")

v0.0.3 update

- add C/F setting in companion

- increase stale weather timeout from 30 minutes to 60 minutes ("NA" display)


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