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Clear, light weight, maximum battery saving, with seconds shown (in smaller fonts) on the digital clock, and introduced a new metric – MAR:

The first value on the bottom left of the clock face is called MAR (Mean Activity Ratio), which is my personal invention. It reflects your physical activity level during the past 7 whole days (from 7 days ago till yesterday). It is recalculated at midnight every day.

The second value is an estimated (predicted) MAR after the end of today in case you remain sedentary in the rest of the day. You'll see it increases with your activities during the day.

On the bottom right, today's and this week's Active Zone Minutes are shown.


MAR = (Cal / BMR - 1) * 100


Cal is the mean calories burnt per day in the past 7 days;

BMR is the user's Basal Metabolic Rate, which is calculated using your weight, height, age and sex.


Some values and corresponding activity levels:

20: Sedentary (little or no exercise, desk job);

38: Lightly active;

55: Moderately active;

72: Very active;

90: Extra active (frequent hard exercise);

110: Extreme;

150: Estimated upper limit in general population (non-athletes) at sea level.


Tap on the MAR value to show:

1. Today's estimated total calories in case you remain sedentary in the rest of the day;

2. Your BMR (in calories); and

3. Activity levels in accordance with the MAR and the estimated MAR respectively.


Please also have a look at my picture viewer app:

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