Swedish name days
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This clockface shows the swedish week number (ISO 8601 week number) in orange. Date, weekday, current day number and time are also shown. Tap the screen to see your activity for steps, heart rate, active zone minutes, calories, distance and floors.Tap one more time to get to third screen where you can find battery status and pressure (Pressure is not shown on Versa Lite) and memory status for the watch (in green) and JavaScript (in yellow). It shows used/available memory. The last screen shows the Swedish name day. The purple factory icon means it is a workday. The green plane icon means you don't have to work. The red candle icons means holiday or sunday. Through the Fitbit app it is possible to change the background of the clockface. The clockface is localized in Swedish, English and German.

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